Three Strategies to Reduce Your Monthly Payments!

clients talking with their mortgage broker about strategies to save money

As interest rates continue to rise, many of my clients have been reaching out for mortgage advice in navigating this unexpected market. After assessing their overall expenses and budgeting, it’s often apparent that they are managing their finances well given the circumstances. Currently, the most prevalent approach involves cutting back on luxury items and conveniences […]

Are you fully leveraging your relationship with your mortgage broker?

Homeowner having a discussion with her mortgage broker having discussion about their mortgage

One of the smartest things you can do with your mortgage broker is to take advantage of the float-down option during mortgage renewal, preapproval, and approval processes. What is the float-down option? The float-down is a strategy that allows you to secure the lowest interest rate within the 120-day period prior to renewing your mortgage. […]

To Variable, or Not to Variable, That Is the Question

Variable Mortgage or Not?

With interest rates actively on the rise and more potential rate hikes by the Bank of Canada on the horizon this summer, what does a homeowner or soon-to-be homeowner do? You are likely one of the three people mentioned below: 1) You are shopping for a home and can’t decide if a fixed rate or […]

Your Mortgage Options. Will They Get Cancelled in 2022?

Your Mortgage Options Will They Get Cancelled 2022

As inflation rises and interest rates increase, home prices in Canada for the time being continue to follow suit. With the federal budget announced recently, a lot of discussion is happening in Ottawa with industry leaders and politicians alike as to what will happen to the mortgage rules later in 2022. Concepts that are being […]

Your 2021 Tax Return – Will It Allow You To Renew?

2021 tax return

When it comes to completing your tax return, there are many things you must factor, especially if you ever intend to renew or refinance your mortgage and in case you plan to buy another property in the future. Below are five types of people who need to pay close attention: 1) Anybody with a mortgage […]

Leverage Your Home and Build Your True Wealth

“Fortune favors the bold” is the Latin proverb used by those who truly want to be successful in life. This so called “fortune” may be monetary in value or it may be something bigger, such as realizing your passion in life. Perhaps it’s a combination of both. So many homeowners currently sit on untapped potential […]

Affordable Property Locations, Where Your Mortgage Goes Further!

In 2021 you may be finding it difficult to purchase a home in your so-called “ideal location”.  Have you stepped outside the box to determine what your ideal location really is? For some people “ideal location” means living close to work to avoid a commute. For others an ideal location is a commute away from […]

Stuck Mid-Term in a Mortgage and Want Today’s Lower Rates?

Mortgage Strategy

Three years ago many buyers got what seemed at the time, to be a great deal on a mortgage rate. Better yet, three years ago many buyers got a great deal on the home they bought, compared to today’s prices! So, now it’s summer 2021 and your new neighbor just told you about how they […]

Can I Get Unconditionally Approved for a Mortgage, Before I Write an Offer?

Mortgage Broker Squamish

For the past 20 years, the question I get asked at least once per week is “can you approved me for my mortgage before I make an offer to purchase?” More recently, I get asked this question daily. In a robust real estate market like the one we are experiencing right now, this is definitely […]

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