Alternate Ways to Qualify for a Mortgage

Multiracial couple holding keys and standing outside their new home

Have your circumstances around income changed in the past two years, or are you contemplating the purchase of an additional property? 

Were you aware that there are unconventional methods to acquire property? 

Some of these include: 

Rental Offsets:
In cases where a portion or the entirety of your property is intended to be rented out. 

Unconventional Zoning:
This applies when a property zoned for mixed-use, light industrial, or commercial purposes also serves as a space for residential use. 

Maternity and Parental Leave:
Your income upon returning to work during maternity or parental leave can be utilized for mortgage qualification. 

120-Day Rate Guarantees for Mortgage Renewals:
This ensures access to today’s lower rates while benefiting from the final four months of your current low-interest term. 

Parental Cosigners:
This option is useful when you can afford the property, but certain aspects of your household’s income cannot be factored into the application. This could include rented rooms, a spouse or partner not on the mortgage, or being newly self-employed. 

These are just a few strategies our clients use to build wealth through home ownership. 

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