Are you fully leveraging your relationship with your mortgage broker?

Homeowner having a discussion with her mortgage broker having discussion about their mortgage

One of the smartest things you can do with your mortgage broker is to take advantage of the float-down option during mortgage renewal, preapproval, and approval processes.

What is the float-down option?

The float-down is a strategy that allows you to secure the lowest interest rate within the 120-day period prior to renewing your mortgage. This technique can also be applied when you are purchasing real estate, specifically during the preapproval, subject removal, and completion periods.

The float-down provides protection against rate increases while offering the opportunity to access the lowest rates available if market rates decrease within the 120-day window leading up to your renewal or completion.

Is your mortgage broker monitoring your rates daily and offering you the float-down option?

I recommend that you inquire about it!

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