Mortgage Refinance

Mortgages can create unique investment opportunities by using the equity from your home. Lower interest rates in combination with increased property values can help to improve your overall financial position.  The equity in your home can be used to consolidate your debt, lower your monthly expenses, and save on higher loan interest charges. Home renovation, investing in additional property, or taking on an expensive purchase may also be reasons for pulling equity from your home. The low interest charges can provide a smart reinvestment strategy.

Taking Equity out of your home may be a good idea if:

  1. You have outstanding debt with higher interest rates.
  2. You are making many large and small payments to various debts which can be managed more effectively through your mortgage.
  3. You are planning a large purchase or renovation.
  4. You are considering buying additional real estate.
  5. You have high value in your property and could profit more from using the equity in other investments that yield a higher return.

As part of what I offer through my mortgage brokers’ network, I can find cost effective solution when you refinance.

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