Laneway/Carriage Homes

The District of Squamish and City of Vancouver have approved applications for laneway/carriage homes for a number of years. Building this type of structure can provide you income and add value to your existing property.

Three Ways To Finance Your Laneway/Carriage Home:

1) Borrow the funds as a conventional mortgage refinance based on the current value of your existing home. Receive all required funds in one advance.

2) A Home Equity Line of Credit based on the current value of your home. Borrow the funds in stages as you require them.

3) Construction Finance – Borrow against the future value of your home based on the completed value of your home and laneway/carriage home combined. This method of borrowing follows the “construction draw” process (please refer to my construction mortgage page).

For more information about your laneway/carriage home mortgage, please email me directly at: