Your 2021 Tax Return – Will It Allow You To Renew?

2021 tax return

When it comes to completing your tax return, there are many things you must factor, especially if you ever intend to renew or refinance your mortgage and in case you plan to buy another property in the future. Below are five types of people who need to pay close attention: 1) Anybody with a mortgage […]

Leverage Your Home and Build Your True Wealth

“Fortune favors the bold” is the Latin proverb used by those who truly want to be successful in life. This so called “fortune” may be monetary in value or it may be something bigger, such as realizing your passion in life. Perhaps it’s a combination of both. So many homeowners currently sit on untapped potential […]

Affordable Property Locations, Where Your Mortgage Goes Further!

In 2021 you may be finding it difficult to purchase a home in your so-called “ideal location”.  Have you stepped outside the box to determine what your ideal location really is? For some people “ideal location” means living close to work to avoid a commute. For others an ideal location is a commute away from […]

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